My Job Sucks

May 7, 2007

Another day in the cube.  I have decided that the corporate world blows. I went to college for four years to do the “bitch” work that no one else wants to. I feel like a donkey with a carrot being waived infront of my face. By the carrot I mean a raise/bonus. My company acts like I owe it something for hiring me, as if they are doing me a favor. Last time I checked I am making them money. And by my calculations I am making them more money than they are paying me, or else why would they hire me?

 Loyalty is dead in the corporate world. I know my company will fire/ outsource/ layoff and pass up on promotions in a heartbeat. Why should I have any more loyalty to them than they do to me. As I sit here in my cube I see the brave people leave. They are all dropping like flies to pursue dreams, education, and the american dream. I sit here starring at numbers whose meanings are lost in the monotony of what I am doing. Everyone around me acts as if these numbers are sacred. What do they really mean. What are they used for. To push another product to consumers who do not need them. I am helping create demand, not help humanity.  Love, companionship, self fullfillment are all things that consumerism cannot produce. Only illusions of these things in forms of shiny cars or “career aspirations.”

As much as I hate my job I imagine that other generations had it worse. Every half hour I have an escape in the form of the internet. A little web surfing learning something new or saying hi to a friend makes all the difference and makes you feel like a person not a cog in the system. Today I learned that there is a species of duck that have spiral shaped penii that can grow as long as the duck and then fall off and regrow again. Oh oh, I hear footsteps ALT + TAB and we are back to the spreadsheet. I know that I can simply create a formula and get this task done in 2 minutes. However, if I did that then I won’t have any work and people will scurry through there stacks of paper and give you something even worse than this.

I better manually copy and paste each cell to ensure that I will finish right at 5. It’s funny how I used to leave at 5:00, then 5:15, then 5:30, and now 6:00 seems the norm. I just want to know that there are other people out there who share this pain.


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