Job Fallacies: Next person to use these lines gets punched in the teeth

May 15, 2007

You have to start somewhere.

 Stupid saying. You can’t start as a janitor and work your way up to a principal, it’s just not going to happen. Why can’t you start with a job that respects you and utilizes all your assets. Oh your bi lingual, well we don’t care even though we have accounts that require your native tongue. This leads me to the next stupid ass fallacy.

 You have to pay your dues.

Last time I checked I did not own my employer anything.  It’s a simple transaction. I do a job and you pay me. You did not pay for my schooling so I do not understand how I owe you something. If you did pay me for my schooling (grad school) you probably have somewhere in your contract that I have to stay for 2 years after completion. During this time you will pay me under the market value and basically extract more value than you put into my education. Paying your dues is “real” world hazing. Next stupid fallacy.

You work here and they will take care of you.

Enron.  Need I say more, okay I will. You will get fired/lay-ed off first chance this company has to save some money. You think your skill is something no one else can master… outsourcing bitches.  Working hard is for suckers, working smart is for people who want to get ahead.

These are the few that I keep hearing there are plenty more out there, so if you can think of any please feel free to jot them down so I can destroy them.  


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