Nasal Washing: Review of Neti Pot

May 23, 2007

For those of you who do not know what nasal washing is please check the Neti Potout. I know what you are thinking who would ever buy this or even think to use this. Well heres a hint: this guy! Here is my review of Neti Pot:

The ceramic pot was actually very impressive. You could see the intricate crafting in the design. The gloss shiny and you can see your reflection quite clearly as you jam it in your nose.

When they say use warm water, they mean use warm water. If the water is cold get ready for a brain freeze the likes of which the biggest 7-11 Big Gulp cannot compete with.

 They also warn to use the right amount of salt. What they really mean is put as little salt in as possible. If you put too much it strips away all mucus and dries your nasals out. At first it feels liberating but then too much of a good thing is never good. It will start to hurt to breath as every particle will feel like sand as it passes through your nasal cavity.

I am convinced they used special effects in the video. There is absolutely no way one can poor water in one nostril and have it escape so flawlessly out the other. The first few attempts ended with me drinking hot salty water, which by the way has its own holistic benefits (look out for the Neti Gulp coming soon). Once I got the hand of it, the result was still quite messy.

The results were mixed. I would not recommend using this product more than once a week. Simple reason being you become addicted to it. You will soon find it unbearable to breath wouthout your daily cleansing.

 Neti Pot RULES!!!


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