Finally, A Shout Out to CarFartz.com

June 28, 2007

A while back I entered a contest on Yahoo! JumpCut to win a trip to Cannes. I called up a buddy from high school to shoot the 30 second spot tittled “Crack A Window” . I thought the concept was pretty clever and really thought I had a chance of winning. Of course similar to the fiasco that occurred with Bacardi Banana Rum  the winner is still to be named and I felt as if I completely wasted my time.

I decided screw the contest and created a micro site www.carfartz.com. With help from DrivingGreenI had hoped that it would take off and my video would get the recognition it deserves. Maybe the video isn’t that good and isn’t all the funny, but for some reason I cant get it to spread.

 My only consolation is a blog post by the Global Analyst of Millward Brown that gave me a shoutout in Nigel’s blog.  Also, a guy who was helping put together Pixelodeon , dedicated to consumer generated video, asked to feature my movie in one of the segments. I gave him permission and I hope he did.

Who knows maybe its not over and my video will still grow notoriously and prove my theory that with a little solid marketing any video has the potential to go viral.


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