Do Not Listen to Bear Grylls on Man vs Wild

July 3, 2007

I am hooked to Man versus Wild, but unlike most people I watch it to learn what NOT to do in case of a survival situation. Don’t get me wrong the show is entertaining, but even an amateur like me can tell you that the guy is insane and some of his advice is absolutely awful. Shame on Discovery for marketing this show as educational to help you survive. Listening to Bear Grills  and get yourself killed. On top of that I am convinced that the show is staged.

 Here are the top things I have spotted watching the show that made me realize that I should take this show as entertainment only.

  1.  When Bear tried to mount the horse you can clearly see it was wearing horse shoes. Wow bear you really found horses in the wild.
  2. If you break a leg you are beyond screwed, yet Bear runs down mountain sides, glaciers, and craters. If you were trying to survive why would you do that? Oh wait, that’s right, you have a camera crew with you that feeds you PowerBars.
  3. Bear killed a rabbit with a stick. Maybe, I would believe this if the camera didn’t get jerked right where supposedly the rabbit got knocked out. I mean the camera guys deserve credit when they are hanging on wires getting some extreme shots of Bear, but stooping down to camera tricks is lame.
  4. He jumps off cliffs into water without even knowing how deep it is or what might be lurking underneath. No one should ever follow this rule its pure suicide.
  5. He walks all the way down a glacier finds a “boat and a shovel” and decides to go paddle up the way he came. Why did he walk down in the first place.

Anyway, I love the show M v W, but I think its irresponsible of Discovery channel to promote it as survival tips. The guy does some really foolish things that most people in those scenarios never will have to. I cannot wait till some dumb asses try to pull of some of his stunts and get hurt, the press will go crazy, but knowing how our society works it will only make the show more popular.



  1. you are such an idiot alot of the things he says to do are true, i am in the U.S army and they are things we are trained for survival. so yes you are an amateur so you should not talk until you know something.

  2. Grylls is a complete fraud. He is being investigated right now. The consultants for his show build his rafts and supply his “wild” horses. He stays in hotels and lodges when he is supposed to be spending the night in one of his pathetic shelters. His stunts are set up and staged and his “skills” are faked.


  3. Bear is a complete fraud!


    read the bearwiki!

  4. I don’t care if some of his stuff is fake or staged. The fact is, he does some crazy stuff that is entertaining as hell. Like he eats bugs, meat from an uncooked zebra carcass, opens up a camel and so on. Stunts like diving under freezing cold water without any protection are obviously real and he must be given credit for that.

    Only a fool would blindly follow Bear’s survival tips because they are meant as a last resort.

  5. …wait…so its not 100% real? No way!

    You are a master of the obvious. A wiki…created by someone is proof? What cause they wrote…”confirmed by crew” like 100 times.

    No offense but everyone who is worth even talking to knows that some of that stuff is staged and pre-planned. This is news to no one. We all know he has a camera crew and support staff. Only a moron would take a camera into the wild places he goes and put himself in danger with no backup for no good reason.

    I’m not sure what your issue is. Maybe Bear envy….

  6. Whatever, Bear Grylls might get some help from his camer crew but i doubt that he gets “Power bars” from his crew and him finding that boat was not staged because it was all rusted up and had holes in it but ya’ll can beleive what yall want to beleive i just think its freaking awesome what he does!

  7. I agree. Survival has NOTHING to do with running as fast as you can (stupid waste of energy)… jumping off cliffs… sliding down scree slopes… rappelling into glaciers… etc. It’s fun to watch… but it’s the last thing you want to do in a survival situation. If you’re trying to make a fun TV show or commit suicide and have fun while doing it or whatever… then by all means! But if you’re trying to stay alive… for real… none of those things are a good idea. Makes for good TV though. Real survival is excruciatingly boring.

  8. well… in the wild horse… bear didnt say the horses born and grew in the wild.. he say it might broke free from a ranch… so.. think..

    anyway.. if youre listen to TV all the way youre house will be full of advertise crap.. and some useful… again think…

    of course its staged… He can do it for real… but if he injured himself they cant continue filming or worse.. dead bear… so think..

  9. I know this might be kind of late…. But, the only “STUPID WASTE OF ENERGY” is the people who knows that the person who’s insulting Bear Grylls and The Discover Channel is probably just angree for some odd reason, bored or just want some attention, and yet we still continue give it to him/her. Texting away on who’s right and who’s wronge. The time of debatting end now. When the time comes when this individual is traped, and there is no way out, than and only than we will see who listens to whom. Hmmm, an ametour or an expert? Like the saying goes, People don’t like what they don’t understand… So I guest this individual don’t understand Bear Grylls and his helpful survival tips.. Than again, Bear is an complicated man and I guest no one understands him but his woman! LOL!!!! Oh yeah, if you decides to text back just to argue my point, I won’t reply because, that would be a “waist of energy” trying to convents you of your errors. And if you, (“an amateur”) wish to stay blind in the dark, than that is find by me. You are given the light from Bear Grylls, but he can’t make you take it. That is something you’ll have to do on your own. Besides, you said earlier that listining to Bear Grylls will get you killed. That’s is exactly what’ll happend if you or any one else decides not to take his advice… HMMMMMMMM, Well the way I see it, you lose both ways. Sort of a win, win situation…. For the REAPER THAT IS!!!! lol

  10. bear rocks and acually its grylls line 5 first paragragh

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