Hot Gas Results in Less Fuel Efficiency in Cars

July 19, 2007

If you are reading this article you probably have heard about this whole hot gas issue. If you haven’t let me break it down for you. When liquids are heated they expand. Gasoline like most liquids expands when heated. However, this expansion does not result in more energy. So when you fill up your tank you are actually paying more per gallon for less energy output. Some estimates claim consumers loose as much as 300 Billion dollars worth in California alone.

Currently Hawaii is the only state that adjust prices based on the temparature of the gasoline at the pump. Although this may have worked there I think this whole debate is quite ridiculous.

First of all we the focus shouldn’t be on the oil giants. They are not the ones profitting from this small nuance in gas pricing. It is the people who run the pumps. Usually these are mom and pop shops that barely make profit as it is. Most of the revenue at gas stations comes from snacks and soda purchases from impulse buys. With pay at the pump being common this revenue source has dwindled. To try and force these people to install expensive machines to measure gas temperature and adjust the gas price accordingly will force a lot of these shops out of business. Gas stations keep their gas underground where air temparature rarely has a high enough effect. When adjusting the final price you probably will not even notice. However, when you aggregate this change it will hurt the gas station owners significantly.

I know you are probably like me and will pay the extra 3 cents at a gas station that is more convenient rather than pull a U turn and hit up the cheaper station down the block. If this is true then you should not support this BS about adjusting gas prices due to hot gas. If you do support this movement it will hurt small businesses and next time your running low on gas you may find a lot of stations closed and youll end up on a desserted highway in the scorching sun wishing that you werent such a deuche.  


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