RIP Yahoo: Overture Inventory is Finished

September 17, 2007

I do not know if its official but it has been a long time coming that Overture would have to sease to exist. For those of you unfamiliar with SEO there once existed a tool called Yahoo! Keyword Selector Tool . Basically you punch in a search queery and it would tell you about how many people a month search for that term along with the possible permutations.

This tool was helpful even though Yahoo! only had 25% market share and most of the poeple using it were not technologically inclined so the data was somewhat skewd towards housemoms and the like. Either way in January they stopped updating these numbers. And as of last week on 9/13/07 the tool no longer suggested anything even for popular terms like porn.

All we are left to use is google products. Google Keyword Suggestions and Google Trends.  Of course these tools love to use their little blue and green bars and lines and never give any actual numbers. What will I do now? I wanted to know how many people are still searching for “miserable failure,” but alas we can no longer know the exact numbers for this Google Bomb.



  1. whats that google bomb all about?

  2. I stand corrected Yahoo! has allowed for Overture counts again, however, the data is still from January which makes it out of date and practically worthless.

    To answer your question a “google bomb” is when enought people link to a site with the same anchor text –> the search engine gets fooled into thinking thats waht the page is about. Seach for “click here” and you will see what I mean.

    Back in the day you can search “miserable failure” and the whitehouse page about George Bush would show up. Google fixed that since then but it was funny for a while.

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