Radiohead In Rainbows: DRM Free Audio Movement

October 12, 2007

Recently I caught wind of Radioheads new venture the In Rainbows album. Basically now that they are not locked down by a record label they decided to release an album that is free to download with the option to donate money towards the band. Here is my take on the DRM movement and how it will affect the music industry. There are sites springing up trying to help the DRM Free Music Movement.

First I will not to try and replicate all the detail of this campaign since there is already tons of bloggers who have discussed this issue in full. Read this post on Radiohead and DRM Free Music to get a pretty fair analysis of Radioheads strategy.

Here is my take on the whole issue. First, Radiohead is an established band with “DIE HARD” fans. This is important in that these people would drop money on an album even if it was 50 dollars to support their favorite band. You think if 50 cent came out with the same strategy he would make a dime? I think people are over hyping this movement, and labels will need to exist to promote music. This strategy would also completely fail for a band you barely heard of. Most music fans, especially the ones who drop money, couldn’t tell a piece of quality music vs. a piece of bird poop. I’m kind of ranting, but I just got sick of hearing about how “revolutionary” Radiohead is. I think it worked for them, but I think it will fail for most people.

In terms of DRM Free Music and DRM Free MP3s, this change will have to continue. You can can check out DRM Free Audio .com to get a decent summary of why its important and a resource for you to find the music you like without having to worry about copyright or legal issues, and sometimes cheaper than you would expect.

PS I got the Radiohead album and didn’t pay a cent.



  1. That’s spot on. Notice that the artists dropping virtually free albums haven’t enjoyed the sales they used to (I really like In Rainbows though) anyway?
    And then Radiohead recently said “well, yeah, we put it out online for cheap before the single CD edition because we know you’ll like it and buy it again – just for the jewel case and booklet.”…It sounds like a bit of a snivel back to the cosies of a label.
    Radiohead have some nutty fans who paid near retail prices for the download when £0.00 was a legitimate option they set.

    It’s possible though that if all artists gave away albums for free that the marketing playing field would eventually level out. Instead of relying on promotion of a label, you’d have to go out and work hard both musically and marketing wise.

  2. […] 2007 I have talked about Digital Rights Management and how it impacts people in an older post DRM Free Audio Movement. Well, I found a few sites that try and help with the movement that I thought were worth bringing […]

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