Halloween Costmes Are Not What They Used to Be

October 29, 2007

My girlfriend and I decided to be vampires this Halloween. We got all the right things to make great costumes. Some fake teeth, make up kit, black clothes and most importantly fake blood. It took us a solid hour to get ready, but it was well worth it. we looked good. Just check out this picture below. However, going out made me realize that the holiday once known for spookiness and celebrating the dead has been almost wiped out.Halloween Vampires Pictures

Halloween Vampires Pictures

Halloween Vampire Pictures Halloween Vampire Pictures

We entered the party feeling a little out of place. Was it that we were not as drunk as everyone else? Maybe an odd stain on my clothes under the black light? Nope, it was the fact that we were the only ones actually dressed scary.

Don’t get me wrong I love it when girls use the holiday as an excuse to dress like 2 dollar whores, but now they aren’t even trying to look scary. Rainbow bright, what hell is that all about? Don’t mix my childhood memories with your slutty ways. Oh your a flight attendant… what airline are you with because I have never see anyone serve me peanuts with their ass hanging out.

As bad as the girls are, the guys have also let me down. Almost every guy was a character from a movie, show or video game. And I don’t mean a character from a scary movie. By my count there were 3 Mario Brothers and 5 Ninja Turtles at this one party. Worse than being characters, some people were just straight up objects. A Wheaties Box and a Taco just don’t even make sense to me.

I miss the creepiness of Halloween. As a kid I remember getting in with my buddies in the back of my friends fathers truck and driving around neighborhoods to collect candy. Seeing creepy things on your trek, but not phased because the sweet rewards of candy made it all worth it. Every time somehow my friends dad would drive us through the cometary where he would tell us spooky stories and I swear the other parents would hide behind the tomb stones making noise in white sheets (or at least thats what I tell myself, since some things I saw do not make sense).

Halloween sucks now and its a shame that even little kids lost all imagination. I just went to the zoo during Halloween Weekend and I swear if I see another SpiderMan kid I will punt him into the Gorilla Yard.

Theres something not right about going to a Halloween Party and feeling out of place dressed as a Vampire, while across the room a Wheaties Box is dancing with a French Maid.  I don’t know maybe its just me, but I want Halloween to be spooky and scary again.



  1. right on i live in australia and i do halloween parties all the time, i give out sweets to kids, this past halloween i had local kids turn up saying trick or treat but they did not even bother to dress up at all and then abuse me for not inviting them to our private party,i am making my own props this year as i find alot of bought ones just dont look scary, halloween is starting to catch on over here but i still get people telling me its not australian why should we celebrate it my reply is im not chinese but we have chinese new year and st pats and others so why no halloween also halloween is not american like so many people think.i have to admit a friend of mine did a party hers was really great her house and yard was the best ive seen in australia we both do horrible food and games and music , the music is hard to get

  2. Well i live in England and all the stuff for halloween is about dressing up as cute things not scary so my friends and I had our own Creatures of the Night theme party in which we had several dark faeries wearing way too much black eyeliner and my boyfriend came as a really incredible werewolf. I was a really cool Vampire Princess! It was so much fun!
    I’ve decided to hold a Scary Things annual halloween party cos i loved it ^.^

  3. how did you make it look like was a scene in a virpre moive and with that blood going down the side you could be an artest the girl is cute

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