Beowulf in 3D IMAX Review

November 21, 2007

Before I go into the details, let me tell you Beowulf in 3D IMAX was freaking awesome. We got to the movie late so we got stuck in the worst seats possible: the first row on the very left seat. Despite this the 3d effects were still spectacular and gave you a whole new way to look at movies. This is the best 3D movie I have ever seen, and I hope it will start a trend.

First off, the story line of the movie was unbelievable, not great, but good. It was definitely better than I expected, but could have used a little more development of the characters. I simply did not care about any of them, not even Beowulf. Also, there was a sudden break in the movie that looses your involvement quite quickly.

Angelina Jolie in BeowulfWhat saved the movie was the amazing graphics. The way the scenes were laid out was designed for the 3d effects. Swords in your face, blood pouring on you, snow that has depth. The effects were stunning. Also, its amazing how far the technology has come, because there was definitely times when you forgot it was a 3D movie. Not to mention Angelina Jolie that looked hotter in 3D than even in real life.

I would say unless you watch this movie in 3D it probably isn’t worth it. But for the experience and entertainment of running through the woods feeling like every tree is whizzing by you, makes it all worth it. I just hope that it will be a DRM Free Movies in the long run.

I give this movie a 4 out of 5.


One comment

  1. the animation was pretty good, though the characters’ movement reminded me a lot of Shrek. At least Beowulf gives a pseudo-education in ancient literature (never had to read the book as a child)

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