Dry Skin in Winter Solutions

November 24, 2007

This is something embarrassing for me to write about, but during winter my skin goes haywire. Since I could remember as winter approached my skin would do odd things: itching, rashes, flaking, etc. I know its a gross subject, but there must be other people who deal with this. There has to be natural skin care solutions for what ails me. Here is a list of some of the things I have had to deal with every winter.

  • Dry Skin on face
  • Rashes on inside of my elbows
  • Psoryosis of the scalp
  • Eczema ?? self diagnosis of course

If you are like me, you have a problem putting more chemicals on your face. We are bombarded with awful chemicals and it is my belief they are probably half of the reason I am experiencing these problems now and not as a kid. For example, the more chap stick I use the more chap stick I need.  I looked around and found a website dedicated to organic skin care .  Hopefully, there will be more advice, but my girlfriend tried the organic face scrub and said it beat anything she tried before.


One comment

  1. Winter is a great time of year for most people. The cold weather is great for backyard fire pits, hot cocoa, and of course the holidays. However, most people dread the coming of Winter for one simple reason. Dry skin. Bitter winds and drier air make for dry, itchy and irritated skin. You can’t get away from it inside either. The heating in your home dries out the air too, and that makes for dry skin as well.

    Using a great moisturizer is an absolute necessity. Shea Butter is just about the best idea when it comes to Winter skin moisturizing. While regular moisturizers are good, they only last for a little while. This isn’t that great in perfect weather, not to mention the harsh Winter weather. A moisturizer stays on and provides a barrier against the elements. With the healing properties of Shea Butter, your skin is receiving great benefits every time you smooth it on.

    For more information about Shea Butter visit Purely Shea at http://www.purelyshea.com/

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