5 Ways to Spot a Chick Flick – PS I Love You Case Study

December 3, 2007

Lately I keep seeing the commercial for PS I Love You. My girlfriend is trying to get me to go see this movie. I refuse, not because I am a callous male, I enjoy romantic movies, but this is straight chick flick. PS I Love You is a perfect example of this. Here are the top 5 ways to spot that a movie is gonna suck and its a total chick flick:

5. The previews use a super tacky and lame song dealing with “breathing” or “exhaling” or something to do with your respiratory function

4 . There is a gay character or reference, because chicks secretly love gay guys because they are just like their girlfriends except they have penii (plural of penis?)

3. Some kind of montage of karaoke singing. If you ever have been to a real karaoke bar it is true… it is a bunch of sad pathetic 30 somethings who just got dumped by their Boyfriends

4. The main guy is OK with his chick going out and boning another dude. This is a pretty obvious clue as no guy would ever say to a woman “I understand that you left me for a high school crush and I’m OK with it ”  (a la Notebook)

5. The movie features some of the most beat women in show business. PS I love you has Hillary Skank and Lisa Cuterow on the roster. The only thing that can make this worse is having that bitch from Sex and the City Jessica Parker ( face looks like a foot).

Fellaz I hope this helps, do not go see a chick flick unless you pop a good dose of Benadryl or sneak some Black Berry Brandy.


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