Low Fiber Diet Benefits and Concers

February 14, 2008

Low Fiber DietI have tried various diets out there to stay healthy from Atkin, to Master Cleanse, Vegan and now I think I found something that works for my body and may work for others too. I was first introduced to it by my uncle who is 70 years old, in great shape, full head of hair, and sharp as a razor. The diet is based on fiber and is called the Low Fiber Diet.

I know, I know, if you are like me than you heard that fiber is good for you. You need to eat fiber to stay regular right? Well apparently this notion might be wrong. Fiber is the reason for much of our stomach and weight problems. Let’s face fiber is a relatively new food source for humans. Our bodies have not caught up through evolution to digest fiber at the levels we do. Processed food is often times fortified with fiber to give it body without us even realizing.

The idea behind cutting down on fiber is simple. Fiber is indigestible substance and is the reason for constipatio, ulcers, and colon cancer. It causes blockage in your “piping.” Why do you think people have to take fiber, they think by eating more of it they can unplug the blockage. The same way that shoving more hair down a drain will push the hair further down but will never solve the problem. This is what we are doing every day to our bodies by eating fiber. We have to continue to digest more and more to pass the fiber that is already there.

I was as skeptical as you until my mother jumped on the bandwagon. In two weeks she was able to drop 5 pounds and her complexion improved as well. I was pretty amazed how such a simple change in diet had such a radical effect. This diet is not meant to be the end all like south beach or anything else. My uncle, mother, and my self are by no means obese, but we are definitely one of the blessed few with amazing metabolism’s either.

I was still pretty hesitant until my uncle decided to settle the score and found a book on the subject. He knew that someone like me would dig deep to find the truth and would not try another “fad diet.” He recommended the Fiber Menace . It wasn’t the most eloquent book I have ever read, but the other tried his best with such an odd subject matter. You can’t help but giggle every time you read rectum, or anus, until you realize how serious the matter is.

I recommend the book to anyone who is skeptical of the diet. He backs up the idea with hard facts that are difficult to argue with. It also outlines how to best go about it and which kind of foods you should be eating.

If anyone has tried this diet and has some feedback please share your experience.


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