Mattress Discounters are Scammers and CitiFinancial Retail Services

May 14, 2008

When I got to San Francisco I decided I needed a mattress since the blow up bed was giving me back problems. I went to Mattress Discounters in San Francisco to check out their selection. The lady seemed to give me a good deal, but made me get a line of credit to pay off the bed. I had enough money but the lady talked me out of it. She said that was the only way she could give me a discount.

Now let me be clear at that point I did not understand how affiliate marketing and the like work. But what this lady at Mattress Discounters pulled was ridiculous now that I know what really went down. She basically made me sign up for the worst credit card to pay off the bed. She positioned it as financing for the bed, but really it was just a straight up credit card offer which had a balance on from the bed.

In the affiliate world you can make almost $150 dollars a sign up for credit cards. So the discount she gave me didn’t even cover the amount of money she probably made on the back end for signing me up for the stupid CitiFinancial Retail Services card. Granted it was 0% for 9 months but the crap they pulled after infuriated me.

They sent me a very plain letter with super small text. Unlike most people I open ALL letters even if I know they are pure BS. (I enjoy ripping spam up). Anyway I looked at the letter and it was a notice for an increase in APR to 29.99%. WHAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTT!!!!! That is absurd I have good credit I have no idea how the hell they thought they can get away with that.

I know how were in the credit mess we are in today. People get suckered into BS and probably have no idea how much outstanding debt they have. And at those ridiculous rates its EASY to fall into serious debt. I love how whenever its a new credit card offer the letter is stamped with “important” and “urgent.” When it is a letter to notify that your about to pay 30% they make it super clean and simple hoping it will get lost in the shuffle.

The lesson is screw mattress discounters and CitiFinancial retail Services credit card.



  1. It’s always better to pay in cash than use credit card.

  2. They didn’t tell us either that if you get the 1 year “same as cash” deal then don’t make a payment for 1 year they immediately hit you with the 30% interest rate on the full amount. My mistake I guess, right? I still think one should be warned. It should be called, the “If you don’t make a payment within the year, you’re screwed!” plan.

  3. I will never do business with Citifinancial Retail Services again!!

    I bought a bed through them and paid off the balance, only to get another bill for financial services. When I called, they gave me some B.S. on needing to pay interest by day.

    You have to call and ask what is the amount you have to pay in order to discontinue services. I wanted to be done with this company and when I asked if paying the amount listed on the bill will then eliminate my services, he said no “that’s just the balance.” There are hidden fees that they will continue to charge you even if you pay the balance.

    I have almost paid twice what the bed is worth from all the finance charges and B.S. from this company.

    Highly recommend thinking twice before using their services.

  4. Don’t fall for extended FREE credit. Ortho Mattress and CitiFinancial Credit are both Scam artists. Their shpiel is truly SPAM. I am still being bugged 3 or more time daily to pay increased balances. I recd damaged bed and used pillows ON DELIVERY. I am still asked to pay for return delivery and re-stocking charges. They can wait til HELL freezes over. I want to stop this harassment. HOW?????

  5. I am about to the conclusion that I am going to pay higher taxes to “BAIL OUT” Citibank and being screwed with high interest and lying “MANAGERS” from customer service. My husband has been unemployed for almost a year, we were behind 2 months on the citifinancial account, I called the customer service and ask if our balance could be refinanced so that we would not have the recurring late fee. They told me that if I would agree to an automatic withdrawl for 6 months (which would lower my monthly payment), my balance could be refinanced. GUESS WHAT? Lies…… I have been charged a late fee every month that they have withdrawn payment from my bank account. Today I spoke with a so called manager that told me it takes 4 months of making the automatic withdraw before they can bring an account current…. I have made 6 payments. Then she told me that they never said they would do away with the past late fees, I would still have to pay those. Then she said that I wasn’t making enough of a monthly payment to bring my account current…. They are the ones that said they were lowering my payments. The end result of our conversation was that if i would pay $39 today, she could bring my account current. I have never had such a nightmare. It isn’t their problem that we couldn’t follow through with the agreement prior to unemployment but it is ashamed that they have to lie to people trying to work out something. They “reminded” me that they report to the credit bureau and that any further default of payments would effect our credit rating. We have struggled for the last year, had our house foreclosed, one vehicle went back, and have a list of creditors that are not getting any payments until we increase our income or get something else paid off. I understand why people file bankruptcy instead of trying to work out something with the creditors. I have a good mind to copy the bailout to citibank, attach it to my statement and write across the statement “PAID IN FULL”.

  6. So, I just recently bought a bed from Mattress Discounters and got financed through CitiFinancial. I haven’t started paying yet, but I would think that it’s not so bad just as long as you pay EVERYTHING OFF within the allotted period of time they give you (for me it’s 6 months). Otherwise, of course they’re going to make you pay interest. I have “Carecredit” and I believe it’s the same thing, except I’m almost done paying it off. I think the BIGGER program is that people don’t know how to pay off their credit in time.

  7. DO NOT EVER TO BUSINESS WITH CITI FINANCIAL RETIAL SERVICES. I paid off my balance in two payments – in the first two months and they charged me late fees and would not reverse them over 2 days!!!! Never again will I do business with them and I advise everyone to steer clear!!!

  8. Do not do business with CITI Financial retail svs.
    We too were taken by the run around of the “customer services dept.” I have written to the legal dept and still get the same reply that even though I paid IN FULL to Mattress Discounters CITI still needs the balance because the accounting dept at Mattress Discounters lied about the amount we owed and took off with the money and is now gone in CALif. CITI wants me to go after MD. NO WAY. Look at your books. I showed all checks front and back and they are still to stupid to figure this out. BEWARE!!!!!!!

  9. I also suffered the same thing when I am in New York. Even I spent money to buy a quality mattress. Its for my good health.

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