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Fixed Gear Bicycle Gallery Contest

December 11, 2007

Fixed gear bicycles are starting to appear everywhere nowadays. For a while I could not understand what the infatuation is with fixed gears. For those of you who do not know what fixed gear bikes are, picture a bicycle with no brakes or freewheel. These “fixies” as they are sometimes called, are super streamlined. There is a contest running right now over at Fixed Gear Bike Gallery . You can simply submit your picture and if it gets chosen it will be featured as the bike of the week. For those of you who are not riding fixed gear bikes right now here are my top five reasons to ride a fixed gear bicycle :


The 11th Hour : Reflections on the Documentary and My Life

November 16, 2007

I have lived in San Francisco for about 4 months now. Time has been flying by, and although I feel like I have done a lot since I have been here, when I reflect back on time it seems like I have only been here a week. There is a feeling of anxiousness that is building up in my body. I have become irritable to the point where it even shocks me. All the beauty I saw in this city when I first moved here has been replaced by the sight of bums and odor or urine. The other day I decided to go watch “The 11th Hour” at the Red Vic on Haight Street. It has finally put in perspective why these strange emotions have been bubbling up deep inside my soul.

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Hot Gas Results in Less Fuel Efficiency in Cars

July 19, 2007

If you are reading this article you probably have heard about this whole hot gas issue. If you haven’t let me break it down for you. When liquids are heated they expand. Gasoline like most liquids expands when heated. However, this expansion does not result in more energy. So when you fill up your tank you are actually paying more per gallon for less energy output. Some estimates claim consumers loose as much as 300 Billion dollars worth in California alone.

Currently Hawaii is the only state that adjust prices based on the temparature of the gasoline at the pump. Although this may have worked there I think this whole debate is quite ridiculous.

First of all we the focus shouldn’t be on the oil giants. They are not the ones profitting from this small nuance in gas pricing. It is the people who run the pumps. Usually these are mom and pop shops that barely make profit as it is. Most of the revenue at gas stations comes from snacks and soda purchases from impulse buys. With pay at the pump being common this revenue source has dwindled. To try and force these people to install expensive machines to measure gas temperature and adjust the gas price accordingly will force a lot of these shops out of business. Gas stations keep their gas underground where air temparature rarely has a high enough effect. When adjusting the final price you probably will not even notice. However, when you aggregate this change it will hurt the gas station owners significantly.

I know you are probably like me and will pay the extra 3 cents at a gas station that is more convenient rather than pull a U turn and hit up the cheaper station down the block. If this is true then you should not support this BS about adjusting gas prices due to hot gas. If you do support this movement it will hurt small businesses and next time your running low on gas you may find a lot of stations closed and youll end up on a desserted highway in the scorching sun wishing that you werent such a deuche.  


Finally, A Shout Out to

June 28, 2007

A while back I entered a contest on Yahoo! JumpCut to win a trip to Cannes. I called up a buddy from high school to shoot the 30 second spot tittled “Crack A Window” . I thought the concept was pretty clever and really thought I had a chance of winning. Of course similar to the fiasco that occurred with Bacardi Banana Rum  the winner is still to be named and I felt as if I completely wasted my time.

I decided screw the contest and created a micro site With help from DrivingGreenI had hoped that it would take off and my video would get the recognition it deserves. Maybe the video isn’t that good and isn’t all the funny, but for some reason I cant get it to spread.

 My only consolation is a blog post by the Global Analyst of Millward Brown that gave me a shoutout in Nigel’s blog.  Also, a guy who was helping put together Pixelodeon , dedicated to consumer generated video, asked to feature my movie in one of the segments. I gave him permission and I hope he did.

Who knows maybe its not over and my video will still grow notoriously and prove my theory that with a little solid marketing any video has the potential to go viral.


Drive Fast and Save on Gas

June 15, 2007

Every time I go to find out how to get better gas mileage I keep getting the same old “granny” driving tips to improve the mpg.  Even the EPA let me down with their tips on how to get better fuel efficency.  Lets face it no one wants to drive the speed limit, change oil filters regularly, or any other of the crappy things most tips suggest you do. I found some advice on how to improve gas mileage for aggressive drivers through

  • Put your car in Neutral any chance you have. Use gravity to help you go down hills. If you dissengage your gears your car will roll without any effort. This is especially helpful on highways.
  • Turn off your car any time your in idle. Some people may say its dangerous to turn off your car at lights or drive throughs, but with modern technology there is no reason not to. It is urban legend that it takes more fuel to start a car than let it sit idling. Check out the new Mini Coop that has that feature in their newest models where the car turns off automatically to save gas.
  • Follow trucks and take advantage of drafting a secret followed by racers for years is finally yours. A truck will break air resistance up to 95% depending on how closely you follow it. Try it you will be amazed but be carefull.

 Is there anything else im missing?