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Anyone Sick of Hearing About P90X?

May 8, 2010

I don’t know about you, but I keep hearing about P90X everywhere I go. The ads seem to follow me online no matter what site I visit. God forbid I watch late night TV theres always infomercial for this program. I’ll be honest I started to think maybe it is the real deal and not just a load of hype.

I found a good blog where the review seemed pretty honest and straight forward. Click here to read the P90X review


How Many Different Kind of Hats Are There?

September 29, 2008

I was messing around the interwebs when I stumbed across hats. The thing I love most about the internet is that you can always find something and dig as far down as you want. So anyway hats seem like a pretty simple concept to me, but I never knew how many types of hats there really are out there.

There is this site called Online Hats Store that has more hats than I could ever imagine.

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Only the Middle Class Pays Taxes

August 14, 2008

I am slowly starting to realize that only the middle class pays taxes in the United States The big problem in this country is that the middle class continues to shrink and considering our countries deficit we will not be able to sustain ourselves much longer. Let me elaborate why they end up paying most of the taxes.

As fair warning some of the things being said in this article may offend quite a few people, so if you disagree feel free to comment.

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Mattress Discounters are Scammers and CitiFinancial Retail Services

May 14, 2008

When I got to San Francisco I decided I needed a mattress since the blow up bed was giving me back problems. I went to Mattress Discounters in San Francisco to check out their selection. The lady seemed to give me a good deal, but made me get a line of credit to pay off the bed. I had enough money but the lady talked me out of it. She said that was the only way she could give me a discount.

Now let me be clear at that point I did not understand how affiliate marketing and the like work. But what this lady at Mattress Discounters pulled was ridiculous now that I know what really went down. She basically made me sign up for the worst credit card to pay off the bed. She positioned it as financing for the bed, but really it was just a straight up credit card offer which had a balance on from the bed.

In the affiliate world you can make almost $150 dollars a sign up for credit cards. So the discount she gave me didn’t even cover the amount of money she probably made on the back end for signing me up for the stupid CitiFinancial Retail Services card. Granted it was 0% for 9 months but the crap they pulled after infuriated me.

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Poker is the Best Game Ever

March 10, 2008

I have always been a mild fan of poker, but recently it seems to have grown to a new level. I remember the first time I played poker was with in my buddies basement when we were like 15. We did not have poker chips or a poker table so we had to use pennies to keep track of who owed what. I remember I got my ass handed to me because we played “dealer calls.” I was still a beginner and my friends would throw around every type of poker game variation possible including “stud” and “guts” along with crazy wild card games that messed up my odds calculations. Each game had its own nuance and strategy which made it really tough to get a good grasp on the game.

Over time I watched poker popularity sky rocket. I think the biggest thing that pushed poker to a new level was online poker. I remember hearing of friends making thousands of dollars playing all night in these poker rooms. I did not have the same luck as them. Maybe it was the lack of real people, or real chips, but it did not feel like a real game. I missed the smell of cigars and cigarettes, and eying your openest down, hoping they would crack. Maybe I just sucked and needed to practice more. Either way I started to follow the Bet Anywhere blog to see what is happening with online poker. Apparently now you can even bet on sports games from your cellphone. Maybe I will have better luck with my cellphone than my computer ūüėČ

What do you think whats your experience with poker?


The Art of Bargaining Cars Hotels and Furniture

August 9, 2007

I have recently taken a pretty big step and decided to move cross country from the East Coast to California. Bargaining for cars, hotels, furniture, etc saved me thousands of dollars. My father, either because he is OCD or genius, had taught and continues to teach me the finer points of bartering. In order to make this journey without loosing much money here are the things that I learned along the trip.

First lets start with buying a new car, since I was driving across the country. There are a few things you should know to get a great deal on a car. Do not pay MSRP, even if the dealer is telling you the demand is up you have to play mind games. Remember dealer’s salary is usually based on quota, so for him “the sale” is very important and many times they are willing to get you a great deal as long as you act uninterested and show that you have done significant research. I suggest reading Car Buying Tips whose advice helped me save 2,500 on a new car (mazda 3).

On my drive across the US I realized that hotels run another scam. Here is a great tip for last minute reservations, if you have a lap top. Pull up to the hotel and get on their wireless connection. The password is usually something to do with the hotel, the name, the town, etc. Once on log on their website, most hotels have great deals if you book on-line. If that fails you can always try which also give you great deals. You can also call the front desk and say you found a deal on-line and quote them 30% under what they advertise. Don’t name the source just say your in a hurry, but remembered seeing it. Usually they wont be able to match but say if you sign right now they will give you a 25% discount.

I recently bought a new bed and was able to get a 1200 dollar bed for 700 (w/tax and delivery). I was fortunate in that I was patient with the employee who was helping another customer. After BSing with her she spilled most of the trade secrets to me. First, a lot of the furniture stores are owned by the same owner, but have different names. The same mattress can have different names in different stores and therefore cost drastically different. A pillow top (if bought separately) will cost you up to 50% less, so don’t buy into the whole plush craze. Make sure that you do not get the the “floor model.” The way to bargain beds and furniture is to come in later in the day an hour before they close and try to get a reasonable quote. Leave the store and call back after half an hour and say you found a better deal but want the money to go towards the other salesperson can they match. Also do not let them BS you about the taxes. For example one store told me the tax in CA was 11.5% and the other said it was 8.5% and another said it was 20%. Your only interest is the out the door price with delivery and tax included.

Sometimes bargaining seems like a pain in the ass, but its an art and is more fun then you think. Best part about it when you know that you got a great deal you do not experience the usual buyers remorse that comes with making large purchases. As long as you do not have ridiculous expectations and try to be fair the end result should be a win-win situation. You get a great deal and the salesperson gets a sale.

You can also read my other article on How to Negotiate Salary During Annual Review.

Happy bargaining and bartering!


Hot Gas Results in Less Fuel Efficiency in Cars

July 19, 2007

If you are reading this article you probably have heard about this whole hot gas issue. If you haven’t let me break it down for you. When liquids are heated they expand. Gasoline like most liquids expands when heated. However, this expansion does not result in more energy. So when you fill up your tank you are actually paying more per gallon for less energy output. Some estimates claim¬†consumers loose as much as 300 Billion dollars worth¬†in California alone.

Currently Hawaii is the only state that adjust prices based on the temparature of the gasoline at the pump. Although this may have worked there I think this whole debate is quite ridiculous.

First of all we¬†the focus shouldn’t be on the oil giants. They are not the ones profitting from this small nuance in gas pricing. It is the people who run the pumps.¬†Usually these are mom and pop shops that barely make profit as it is.¬†Most of the¬†revenue¬†at gas stations¬†comes from snacks and soda purchases from impulse buys. With pay at the pump being common this¬†revenue source has dwindled. To try and force these people to install expensive machines to measure gas temperature and adjust the gas price accordingly will force a lot of these shops out of business.¬†Gas stations¬†keep their¬†gas underground where air temparature rarely has a high enough effect. When adjusting the final price¬†you probably will not even notice. However, when you aggregate this change it will hurt the gas station owners significantly.

I know you are probably like me and will pay the extra 3 cents at a gas station that is more convenient rather than pull a U turn and hit up the cheaper station down the block. If this is true then you should not support this BS about adjusting gas prices due to hot gas. If you do support this movement it will hurt small businesses and next time your running low on gas you may find a lot of stations closed and youll end up on a desserted highway in the scorching sun wishing that you werent such a deuche.