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Romove DRM from Video and Music: DRM Free

November 13, 2007

I have talked about Digital Rights Management and how it impacts people in an older post DRM Free Audio Movement. Well, I found a few sites that try and help with the movement that I thought were worth bringing up to peoples attention.

The first site shows you Where to Find DRM Free Vidoes . It looks like its a work in progress but hopefully the moderator will pick up and start to add some more DRM Free resources like how to remove DRM with DRM Removal Software. I do not know whats up with the guy who designed this site it looks like a Sci Fi channel, but I kind of like it.

The other site is DRM Free Audio  . These guys are a little bit better at having fleshed out web site. There is some good content including a review of some free drm removal software for music.  These guys also have a pretty sweet widget where you can check out some of the library from Amazon. So if you are looking for DRM Free Music you can check them out.

These sites are works in progress, but it looks like they were just created so I am sure good content is going to come with time.


Radiohead In Rainbows: DRM Free Audio Movement

October 12, 2007

Recently I caught wind of Radioheads new venture the In Rainbows album. Basically now that they are not locked down by a record label they decided to release an album that is free to download with the option to donate money towards the band. Here is my take on the DRM movement and how it will affect the music industry. There are sites springing up trying to help the DRM Free Music Movement.

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