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Poker is the Best Game Ever

March 10, 2008

I have always been a mild fan of poker, but recently it seems to have grown to a new level. I remember the first time I played poker was with in my buddies basement when we were like 15. We did not have poker chips or a poker table so we had to use pennies to keep track of who owed what. I remember I got my ass handed to me because we played “dealer calls.” I was still a beginner and my friends would throw around every type of poker game variation possible including “stud” and “guts” along with crazy wild card games that messed up my odds calculations. Each game had its own nuance and strategy which made it really tough to get a good grasp on the game.

Over time I watched poker popularity sky rocket. I think the biggest thing that pushed poker to a new level was online poker. I remember hearing of friends making thousands of dollars playing all night in these poker rooms. I did not have the same luck as them. Maybe it was the lack of real people, or real chips, but it did not feel like a real game. I missed the smell of cigars and cigarettes, and eying your openest down, hoping they would crack. Maybe I just sucked and needed to practice more. Either way I started to follow the Bet Anywhere blog to see what is happening with online poker. Apparently now you can even bet on sports games from your cellphone. Maybe I will have better luck with my cellphone than my computer 😉

What do you think whats your experience with poker?


Halloween Costmes Are Not What They Used to Be

October 29, 2007

My girlfriend and I decided to be vampires this Halloween. We got all the right things to make great costumes. Some fake teeth, make up kit, black clothes and most importantly fake blood. It took us a solid hour to get ready, but it was well worth it. we looked good. Just check out this picture below. However, going out made me realize that the holiday once known for spookiness and celebrating the dead has been almost wiped out.Halloween Vampires Pictures

Halloween Vampires Pictures

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San Francisco Love Fest 2007 Pictures and Video

October 1, 2007

What the hell happened at Love Fest 2007. I knew San Francisco is crazy but, damn. I took a bunch of pictures and videos and put together a clip. Basically long story short lots of drinking lots of people on drugs and waking up in my bed in one piece. You can read more at CarFartz: Stop Car Pollution Blog. 

Here is the video of Love Fest 2007.


Love Fest 2007

September 28, 2007

Love Fest 2007, San Francisco, CA – This will be my first year attending this event and I am very psyched. Not only are there great DJs performing, but the insanity should make the crowds well worth it. Just check out these San Francisco Love Fest 2007 Pictures and video. Read the rest of this entry ?