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SEOBook Reviews and Updates

February 21, 2008

It is not a mystery that most of the SEO I learned was from SEOBook Review. Well Aaron Wall seems to have followed Brian Clarks idea of educating rather than selling ebooks. I think Aaron has a lot of value to add and as soon as I scrape some dough together will join his program. Do not miss out on this opportunity.


My Whole Company is Blogging on Search Marketing

January 31, 2008

Recently there have been a few new blogs springing up from peeps at my company. Don’t get me wrong I love blogs as much as the next spammer. It is a great place to vent, and for some a way to make some residual revenue streams.

There is a Russian toast my father used to say that in rough translation goes like this (believe me in Russian it sounds much better)

To the three stages of drinking, first one man speaks and everyone listens, second everyone speaks in clusters, and lastly everyone speaks and nobody listens

This quote holds true for blogs as well. As more and more people blog less and less people will listen diluting the blogosphere to a point where like Google it will suck.

PS If you would like to read about search marketing for people who really know whats up, and not sit atop search engine watch or search engine land piping you the dream than read Beth Morgan and Scott Tieman  search marketing blogs


RIP Yahoo: Overture Inventory is Finished

September 17, 2007

I do not know if its official but it has been a long time coming that Overture would have to sease to exist. For those of you unfamiliar with SEO there once existed a tool called Yahoo! Keyword Selector Tool . Basically you punch in a search queery and it would tell you about how many people a month search for that term along with the possible permutations.

This tool was helpful even though Yahoo! only had 25% market share and most of the poeple using it were not technologically inclined so the data was somewhat skewd towards housemoms and the like. Either way in January they stopped updating these numbers. And as of last week on 9/13/07 the tool no longer suggested anything even for popular terms like porn.

All we are left to use is google products. Google Keyword Suggestions and Google Trends.  Of course these tools love to use their little blue and green bars and lines and never give any actual numbers. What will I do now? I wanted to know how many people are still searching for “miserable failure,” but alas we can no longer know the exact numbers for this Google Bomb.