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SEOBook Reviews and Updates

February 21, 2008

It is not a mystery that most of the SEO I learned was from SEOBook Review. Well Aaron Wall seems to have followed Brian Clarks idea of educating rather than selling ebooks. I think Aaron has a lot of value to add and as soon as I scrape some dough together will join his program. Do not miss out on this opportunity.


Fixed Gear Bicycle Gallery Contest

December 11, 2007

Fixed gear bicycles are starting to appear everywhere nowadays. For a while I could not understand what the infatuation is with fixed gears. For those of you who do not know what fixed gear bikes are, picture a bicycle with no brakes or freewheel. These “fixies” as they are sometimes called, are super streamlined. There is a contest running right now over at Fixed Gear Bike Gallery . You can simply submit your picture and if it gets chosen it will be featured as the bike of the week. For those of you who are not riding fixed gear bikes right now here are my top five reasons to ride a fixed gear bicycle :

h1 Changed Their Web Design

December 7, 2007

Ok, I had to blog about this so I could claim I was one of the first. Go to right now and check out their new page layout. It is pretty freaking cool. Let me know what you think about it in terms of usability. Adobe finally changed their lame boring design. We will just have to see what this does for traffic and such. Peace


Finally, A Shout Out to

June 28, 2007

A while back I entered a contest on Yahoo! JumpCut to win a trip to Cannes. I called up a buddy from high school to shoot the 30 second spot tittled “Crack A Window” . I thought the concept was pretty clever and really thought I had a chance of winning. Of course similar to the fiasco that occurred with Bacardi Banana Rum  the winner is still to be named and I felt as if I completely wasted my time.

I decided screw the contest and created a micro site With help from DrivingGreenI had hoped that it would take off and my video would get the recognition it deserves. Maybe the video isn’t that good and isn’t all the funny, but for some reason I cant get it to spread.

 My only consolation is a blog post by the Global Analyst of Millward Brown that gave me a shoutout in Nigel’s blog.  Also, a guy who was helping put together Pixelodeon , dedicated to consumer generated video, asked to feature my movie in one of the segments. I gave him permission and I hope he did.

Who knows maybe its not over and my video will still grow notoriously and prove my theory that with a little solid marketing any video has the potential to go viral.


How to Spot a Fake or Spam Craigs List Postings

June 14, 2007


I love Craigs List as much as the next guy, but unforunately in some cities people are too lazy to flag postings as spam or frauds. These fake posts diminish the value of the community for everyone so I came up with a few sure fire ways to spot a post that sounds too good to be true.  Hopefully by the time you click the link it will be flagged as spam. Here are some ways to tell if the posts are spam.

  • Check to see if the same post was put up in the last month. Either the person posting is super desperate, or its spam.
  • If you click on the post and highlight the text all the way down sometimes you will see jibbirish text come up in super small font, thats spam
  • If anyone asks you to contact them on their instant messenger (ussually yahoo) I do not know why spammers love Yahoo! keep in mind its probably a fake posting or they are trying to get something out of you
  • Anytime the phone number seems sketchy it probably is
  • The post doesnt go all the way to right in of your screen (wrap text) it probably means its some sort of spam
  • The picture posted looks like it was professionally shot, it probably was to get you to buy or fall for whatever scam they want

Be safe out there spammers will try to get as much information out of you as possible.  Do not fall for the BS.