SEOBook Reviews and Updates

February 21, 2008

It is not a mystery that most of the SEO I learned was from SEOBook Review. Well Aaron Wall seems to have followed Brian Clarks idea of educating rather than selling ebooks. I think Aaron has a lot of value to add and as soon as I scrape some dough together will join his program. Do not miss out on this opportunity.


Director 11 from Adobe Just Launched

February 19, 2008

I am a big fan of Adobe software when it comes to design and web work. Originally Director was a Macromedia product and was called Director MX. Adobe just launched Director 11 and I am pretty psyched. There will probably be more integration with their multimedia authoring and other adobe offerings. They also have listened to user feedback and focused on the 3d game design aspect of Director 11. Unfortunately right now you can only pre-order but I am excited to read people’s reviews. You can download it here.


Low Fiber Diet Benefits and Concers

February 14, 2008

Low Fiber DietI have tried various diets out there to stay healthy from Atkin, to Master Cleanse, Vegan and now I think I found something that works for my body and may work for others too. I was first introduced to it by my uncle who is 70 years old, in great shape, full head of hair, and sharp as a razor. The diet is based on fiber and is called the Low Fiber Diet.

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5 Reasons You Never Thought About To Start Blogging Today

February 7, 2008

I post 5 reasons for starting a blog after getting permission from the original source Alexander Tsatkin

Here are the top 5 reasons you never thought about to start blogging today:

5. Repository for Ideas -Tired of keeping all your ideas in notebooks and random sticky notes. Blog it and have it at your finger tips any time you need it.

4. Take Market Share from Google – As we know Google sucks for discovering new things, especially things that are not search engine friendly. By partaking in the blogging community you can pass on valuable resources that may never get ranked in google.

3. Educate Readers – Everyone has something they can teach others. Are you tired of people bugging you to show them the same things. Well write a post or start a blog about it and next time just give them the URL and save yourself some time.

2. Online Reputation Management – If you are single, someone looking for a job, or someone who is concerned with identity theft, then you should be starting a blog. A blog is a great way to manage your reputation online and protect your good name.

1. Time Capsule Effect– In 7th grade my teacher had the class do an exercise that I will remember forever. Some of you may have done this too. Basically we wrote a letter to ourselves into the future. We wrote down our hobbies, interests, our dreams, and who we wanted to be when we grew up. The teacher would wait till senior year of high school to send the letter. Imagine my reaction when I received that letter, I had completely forgot about the exercise, never mind what I wrote. A blog is a great way to lock a moment in your life to reference upon years down the road. 


My Whole Company is Blogging on Search Marketing

January 31, 2008

Recently there have been a few new blogs springing up from peeps at my company. Don’t get me wrong I love blogs as much as the next spammer. It is a great place to vent, and for some a way to make some residual revenue streams.

There is a Russian toast my father used to say that in rough translation goes like this (believe me in Russian it sounds much better)

To the three stages of drinking, first one man speaks and everyone listens, second everyone speaks in clusters, and lastly everyone speaks and nobody listens

This quote holds true for blogs as well. As more and more people blog less and less people will listen diluting the blogosphere to a point where like Google it will suck.

PS If you would like to read about search marketing for people who really know whats up, and not sit atop search engine watch or search engine land piping you the dream than read Beth Morgan and Scott Tieman  search marketing blogs


Cloverfield Movie Review : Unbelievable, Not Great, but Good

January 23, 2008

Cloverfield Movie

So, I like everyone else had to see Cloverfield the movie after all of that buzz video they released. Well here is what I have to say: It was UNBELIEVABLE not great, but good. My girlfriend and I agree that those are the best words to describe this movie. I will break down exactly what I mean.

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Accutane Journal 2008 : Accutane Side Effects

January 14, 2008

If you haven’t heard about Accutane then you have been living under a rock. This is a supposed miracle cure for acne, but it isn’t without its side effects. Accutane side effects can range from birth defects to liver damage. The way it works is it kills all the bacteria in your skin. Just a few pills a day for 6 months and your skin will be free of acne.

Despite my pleading my sister has decided to take Accutane. I set up a blog for her to document her experience, which I hope will help those making a decision about this powerful drug. If you want to read up on her experience and journey head over to her blog: Accutane Side Effects Journal .

Oh and be a good blogger and leaver a few words of encouragement on her blog 🙂

Accutane Journal Side Effects