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How Many Different Kind of Hats Are There?

September 29, 2008

I was messing around the interwebs when I stumbed across hats. The thing I love most about the internet is that you can always find something and dig as far down as you want. So anyway hats seem like a pretty simple concept to me, but I never knew how many types of hats there really are out there.

There is this site called Online Hats Store that has more hats than I could ever imagine.

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Accutane Journal 2008 : Accutane Side Effects

January 14, 2008

If you haven’t heard about Accutane then you have been living under a rock. This is a supposed miracle cure for acne, but it isn’t without its side effects. Accutane side effects can range from birth defects to liver damage. The way it works is it kills all the bacteria in your skin. Just a few pills a day for 6 months and your skin will be free of acne.

Despite my pleading my sister has decided to take Accutane. I set up a blog for her to document her experience, which I hope will help those making a decision about this powerful drug. If you want to read up on her experience and journey head over to her blog: Accutane Side Effects Journal .

Oh and be a good blogger and leaver a few words of encouragement on her blog 🙂

Accutane Journal Side Effects


Rock Art : Amazing Rock Balancing Artist

November 15, 2007

So the other day my girlfriend and I decided to get out of San Francisco for a day and ended up going to Sausilito. The coolest thing there was the Rock Art. There was an artist who would balance rocks one on top of each other. These were pretty big rocks too, and when you see it, it will blow your mind how they stayed up. It seems to defy gravity. Here is the video of rock art and how he managed to balance them.

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