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Only the Middle Class Pays Taxes

August 14, 2008

I am slowly starting to realize that only the middle class pays taxes in the United States The big problem in this country is that the middle class continues to shrink and considering our countries deficit we will not be able to sustain ourselves much longer. Let me elaborate why they end up paying most of the taxes.

As fair warning some of the things being said in this article may offend quite a few people, so if you disagree feel free to comment.

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How to Find Apartments : Landlord Lingo from CraigsList

November 30, 2007

This one is really good. The other day I was looking for apartments in San Francisco on Craigs list. Of course I see a post that looks to good to be a true and I click on it. To my surprise it was a fake posting, but whoever wrote it was nice enough to outline keywords used in selling apartments and what landlords really mean when they use them.

I posted them below, I wish I could give credit to whoever wrote them, but I haven’t heard back from him/her yet.

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